Strömfiske Alsterån
Fishing stretch

Fishing stretch Strömfiske Alsterån

Skahus - Alsterfors

- An insanely cozy water to walk and poke around in.

This is how a happy smiling first-time visitor explained his first day of fishing with us and that characterizes the character of Strömfiske Alsterån quite well.

You have to look for the trout, sometimes through tough terrain and sometimes it stands and picks something in the surface in an almost impossible place.

If you generalize, you can say that the section downstream of Höneströmsdammen (Zone 3) offers easily accessible fishing where it is easy to move along the gravel road. Continued downstream (Zone 2), the terrain is a little tougher and the distances to the gravel roads longer.

Upstream of the dam in (Zones 5 and 6), nature is somewhat wild and in some places difficult to access. There are also places where the river slowly flows around surrounded by marshy meadows.

In several of the six zones there is access to a toilet, barbecue area and shelter.

Zon 1: Alsterfors

Zon 3: Åbron - Höneström

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Zon 5: Höneströmsdammen - Övre Åbron

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Zon 2: Alsterfors - Åbron

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Zon 4: Höneströmsdammen

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Zon 6. Övre Åbron - Skahus

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You can pick up maps and tips from us at Vidinge Gård.

The distance is long and varied!

We are happy to help plan the day, so there will be more fishing and less gravel road use.

Highly recommended especially for the first visit to Strömfiske Alsterån.

We also provide guiding along the water, half or full day, or a popular setup to split a full day guiding into two half days to focus on a different stretch each half day.