Strömfiske Alsterån

Rules & information


All trout fishing is C&R (Catch & Release) for all cards, along the entire route.

You will find the fishing route with a map here.

It is only permitted to use a barbless (or compressed barb) and single hook.

At Vidinge Gård we offer barbless flies and spinners mounted with barbless single hook.

These rules have been introduced to promote trout stocks for more sustainable fishing.

Complete set of rules are listed further down on this page.

Öring Flugfiske C&R Strömfiske Alsterån


Fishing license prices

Fishing license zone 1 - 6 C&R (Catch & Release)


4 hours

 200 kr

Daycard (calendar day)

300 kr

3 days

750 kr

5 days

1100 kr



2200 kr

Children under 12 fish for free in the company of an adult, on their card.

1 child/adult/card.

16 - 19 May

Reserved for Spring Gathering

Purchase fishing license

You can buy your fishing license at Vidinge Gård’s Fiskecenter or with Swish/SMS.

Payment at Vidinge Gård can be made in cash, debit card or with swish.


Payment with swish/ fishing license with SMS:

(only with swedish Swish app!)


Swish receiver: 123 132 5224  Vidinge Gård

Please write in the swish message:  Name/ Date of fishing/

For the 4-hour card please also send start time


SMS message is sent to the paying mobile number when payment is received.


If payment is made for several people via the same swish, a separate SMS should be sent to 0738261774 or with details (mobile / name / date / time) for each card holder to ensure correct confirmation.


Swish / SMS from Vidinge Gård is a manual service, so remember to pay well in advance to get your SMS before you get to the water, preferably the day before. Also keep in mind that there is poor mobile phone coverage by the water.


NOTE! Fishing license is valid only after the SMS confirmation arrives.

Only presentation of swish payment is not a valid fishing certificate at check.

NOTE! If the fishing should be blocked (only due to booked events or at high temperature / low water), any payment will be refunded.

Fiskeregler Strömfiske Alsterån

Fishing rules

Fishing allowed only with a valid fishing license.

The fishing license is personal, can not be transferred or shared between several fishermen, must always be carried with you and be presented on request.

Fishing licenses are valid in all zones.

All fishing is at your own risk.

Fishing only with one rod at a time.

All fishing must be with barbless or compressed barb.

Only single hook allowed, applies to the entire stretch, even for spin fishing. Maximum one hanger (ie a total of two separate single hooks).

Brown trout C&R (catch & release) on the whole area, no admission.

All trout are carefully treated and returned to the water.  

Free pick up of perch and pike for own consumption.

At targeted pike fishing, we inform where and which pike are desirable in the river.

For directed pike fishing, we accept barbed three-hook. Directed pike fishing with a three-hook is only permitted after contact with Vidinge Gård and only on designated sections.

Angling prohibited.

A temporary fishing ban on a limited section can occur and is then marked with a red / white ribbon. The fishing ban then applies to both sides of the river.

Violation is classified as poaching (illegal fishing).

The instructions of the fisheries inspectors must be respected and followed.

Violation of the rules or ruthlessness towards nature, facilities or other people can lead to suspension from Strömfiske Alsterån

Violation of fishing rules can be imposed with an inspection fee of up to SEK 4,400.

Illegal fishing leads to the disposal of equipment and a police report.

Firing allowed only on designated places! 

Fire bans issued by authorities must always be respected.

In case of questions, concerns or to report something (eg suspected illegal fishing), feel free to hit a signal.


Fishing centre Strömfiske Alsterån / Vidinge Gård: 0481 63237 or 0730 750 894.


We wish you a great day along our fantastic fishing stretch!